Pastoral Ministry Formation

It Takes a Parish to Raise Saints


You may have heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child". The same is true for youth ministry - "it takes a parish community to raise a saint." Gone are the days of just having a youth group meeting on a Sunday night. Effective youth ministry demands more. Renewing the Vision, a USCCB document, provides a framework for a comprehensive approach to youth ministry that integrates young people into the whole parish and is inclusive of all members and ministries of the community. Let's come together as a parish community and raise young saints together.

Building a Diocesan Culture of Life, One Parish at a Time


Bishop Soto has encouraged every parish in the Diocese to form a Respect Life Committee. Let's make that happen! In this work shop, four seasoned leaders will share their experiences and wisdom indeveloping a parish Respect Life Committee, as well as successful Respect Life Projects that have been implemented in their parishes.