Saturday - 2:45pm

It Takes a Parish to Raise Saints


You may have heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child". The same is true for youth ministry - "it takes a parish community to raise a saint." Gone are the days of just having a youth group meeting on a Sunday night. Effective youth ministry demands more. Renewing the Vision, a USCCB document, provides a framework for a comprehensive approach to youth ministry that integrates young people into the whole parish and is inclusive of all members and ministries of the community. Let's come together as a parish community and raise young saints together.

Señor, que te conozca y que me conozca

Abordaremos los elementos esenciales del Kerigma  para que el Catequista se conozca desde la mirada de Dios. El encuentro con Cristo renovado, es vital para saber transmitir con libertad y novedad sus valores. Conscientes que la falta de perseverancia y crecimiento en la fe de algunos  jóvenes  y adultos.  Proponemos esta espiritualidad renovada y misionera.

Building a Diocesan Culture of Life, One Parish at a Time


Bishop Soto has encouraged every parish in the Diocese to form a Respect Life Committee. Let's make that happen! In this work shop, four seasoned leaders will share their experiences and wisdom indeveloping a parish Respect Life Committee, as well as successful Respect Life Projects that have been implemented in their parishes.

Realize with your Real Eyes: Connection over Perfection


Participants will experience practical tools and ways to connect with their audience through a series of activities. Activities will include reflection, small/large group sharing, leadership and team building.Participants will also experience how the "Realize with your Real Eyes" tools help deepen the connection within themselves and the room.

Misericordia al Forastero: Respondiendo a las Necesidades de Victimas del Trafico Humano


"Fui forastero y me acogiste" (Mt 25:35). Que nos ensena la Escritura sobre nuestra respuesta frente al forastero? Que nos ensena la Iglesia? En este taller frente a la escritura y ejemplo de la Iglesia profundizaremos nuestro entendimiento del tema del trafico humano a nivel local e internacional.  Aprenderemos como la Iglesia esta respondiendo y algunas sugerencias sobre como podemos juntos participar en una respuesta misericordiosa.

In His Image and Likeness: How to Use Theology of the Body In All Aspects of Catechesis


In addition to explaining what Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body is and its importance in today's world, this workshop will assist catechists in using this powerful tool in all aspects of religious education from pre-K through adult.  Parents and grandparents will also benefit by learning to focus on the dignity and beauty of being created in the image and likeness of God and how to communicate this to others.  A resource list for learning as well teaching TOB will be made available. 

Catholic Political Involvement in the 21st Century


Using the USCCB's 'Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship', Pope Benedict's encyclical 'Deus Caritas Est' and Archbhishop Charles Chaput's book 'Render Unto Caesar' we will discuss ways we can more fully bring the message of Christian Love to American politics to overcome the divisive political climate we find ourselves in.  The 1st half of the session will give an overview of the guidance from the Church.