Saturday - 11:00am

Decision Making at the End of Life: Ethical Approaches for Complex Health Situations


The Catholic health ministry begins with Jesus' healing parables and has been shaped through centuries of faithful discipleship continuing to see God's image and likeness in every person, especially the poor and vulnerable. In the last fifty years, health care's treatments and procedures have added an unprecedented level of complexity while adding medicine's ability to sustain biological life almost indefinitely. These changes also add tremendous complexity to our decisions at the end of life. In light of this complexity, how do we approach our own end of life decisions?

Actividades de las Escrituras y Rituales con los Niños


Haga que las Escrituras cobren vida para los niños. Aprenda algunas formas divertidas y diferentes de involucrar a los niños en las Escrituras a través de actividades, drama y rituales que se pueden hacer con los niños o con familias enteras. ¡Haga el recorrido con los niños mientras descubren el maravilloso mundo de la Biblia!

They're Everywhere... Except at Church: Accompanying Young Adults "Nones"


Statistics say it loud and clear. Young adults between the ages of 18-24 are leaving the church in droves. That's a fact. Yet there has never been a greater opportunity and hope for the church. Why? Because many of the young adults who are leaving the church are deeply longing for an encounter with the risen Christ. Who is the face of Christ? His disciples; the community of faith; the Church. The Church has always survived its darkest moments and thrived with renewed vigor because of the transformation of unbelievers.

¿Cómo pueden los adolescentes conocer a Cristo?


Muchas veces en nuestro trabajo con jóvenes, la pregunta más importante es pasada por alto.  Pasamos horas planeando, pero ¿estamos pasando tiempo en lo que verdaderamente es esencial y que los llevará a su salvación eterna? Los jóvenes están “muriendo” por falta de un encuentro personal con Cristo, pero ¿cómo les damos ese encuentro? En este taller aprenderá a conducir eficazmente a los jóvenes a una profunda experiencia de Cristo en el Evangelio, los Sacramentos y la acción dinámica apostólica.

A Culture of Care: Sharing the Integral Spirituality of Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si' in Parishes


The beauty of God's work in creation opens our hearts. We will explore what Laudato Si' (available free at the Vatican website) is all about, what myths it debunks and what convictions and attitudes it calls our parish members to. We will also review some ways parishes have effectively shared these convictions and attitudes and find resources which can help us shape our parish efforts.