Centering Prayer for Prisoners Inside and Outside of Jails

Come learn about Centering Prayer from Ray Leonardini who has been teaching Centering Prayer in prisons for ten years. He has written two books on the topic. Fr. Richard Rohr said this about Ray's work: "I only wish I had this guidance and advice when I was a jail chaplain. You do not need to fly by the seat of your pants anymore when you have access to a man as patient  and experienced as Ray Leonardini. You would be wise to let him guide you."


Ray Leonardini

Ray Leonardini is a former lawyer who practiced government and non-profit law for 30 years. For the past nine years, as a volunteer prison chaplain, Ray has led and taught contemplative prayer to inmates at Folsom State Prison. He is the Director of the Prison Contemplative Fellowship which is committed to reaching out to prisoners and their families on their travels along the spiritual path.