Coming to Know Jesus Through Reconciliation and Eucharist, Creative Ideas to Engage Students and Parents

Reconciliation and Eucharist...powerful opportunities to help children and parents to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. This workshop will be filled with creative techniques and strategies for catechists to use  in class, and for Coordinators to use at Parent Meetings. Engaged, excited parents and students, yes a real possibility. Come and See How. We will learn by doing so pens or pencils required. Handouts will be provided, ..and just maybe, this workshop will your relationship with Jesus too.


Sue Schuttinger

Sue worked in the San Jose Diocese as DRE, School Religion Coordinator, Liturgy Director, RCIA Director and Pastoral Associate. She has an MA in Catechetics from Santa Clara University and a California Teaching Credential. She is an RCIA team member at Divine Savior parish and past chair of their Liturgy Committee. Sue served on the San Jose Diocese Liturgical Commission.