DISCERNMENT: How Can I Discover God's Will in My Life?

What is God's desire for my life?  How can I pray so as to discern God's will? Whether you're facing a big life decision, or seeking God's wisdom in your daily choices, it can be hard to know just how to discern. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius offer a spiritual tool kit famous for helping people to discern God's will and make God-centered decisions. Besides learning some principles of discernment, workshop participants will also be invited to pray in ways that help them pay attention to their feelings and circumstances, cultivate an openness to God, and a listening heart ready to hear God's promptings. 


Rev. Brent Otto, S.J.

Fr. Brent is a member of the U.S. Northeast Province of the Jesuits. For several years, Fr. Brent has been ministering part-time in the chaplaincy ot the Port of Oakland and the parish of St. Leo the Great. After completing his degree in Church History, he will be joining the staff of Ignatius House of Retreats in Atlanta, GA in January of 2016.