Jesus Has Entrusted His Children Into Our Care

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Mercy in education demands that we treat all children with dignity and respect, even the ones that fall short of our expectations. It is our responsibility as teachers to be Jesus' ambassadors, guardian angels, and shepherds to the children entrusted to our care. During this workshop will we discuss what does it mean to be a Catholic teacher or catechist, what are the characteristics of a good teacher based on St. John Baptist de LaSalle's 12 virtues of a good teacher and learn some best practice strategies to create a classroom the serves the educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of our students.


Bradley Francis

Brad has been a Catholic Educator for 45 years. His ministry has focused on being a High School religion and history teacher and as an administrator. He has been involved in training catechists over the past 10 years. And holds graduate degrees in Theology and Spirituality.