Meet 'Em Where They're At: Best Practices in Inclusion


This workshop focuses on going from good to great and suggests ideas for best practices in how to reframe our ministries and parishes to be sources of inclusion that meet the needs of all, regardless of ability. We'll differentiate accommodation and inclusion in ministry briefly, but spend the majority of our time inspiring each other to achieve a ministry that welcomes and integrates all members of the Body of Christ, particularly the autism community and those with other disabilities.


Lindsey West

Lindsey West began working with youth and young adults in the Diocese of San Jose in 2004. After 8 years ministering in San Jose, she worked as a Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry in the Archdiocese of San Francisco for nearly three years.  She is has written and spoken for youth, young adult and parent retreats, diocesan trainings along with regional and national conferences, including NCCYM.Sponsored by Pflaum Publishing, a division of Bayard, Inc