Self-Care and Life Balance in Ministry

Is there such at thing as self-care in pastoral ministry?  What can you do in order to take care of yourself while facing seemingly 24/7 demands?  Amidst numerous responsibilities like opening the church, rehearsing the wedding, preparing classes for RCIA, visiting the sick, reviewing the lesson for catechesis, and training the altar servers, pastoral ministers must find time to take care of themselves!  We cannot serve the People of God to the best of our ability if we do not care for our bodies, our minds, our prayer lives.  Self-care will make you a better care-giver, which is what we are in ministry!  This workshop will address the challenges faced by pastoral ministers, and propose concrete practices that you can adapt to achieve a healthy life balance for your ministry



Alejandro Báez, S.J.

Alejandro Báez, S.J. es un Jesuita de la Providencia de California. Este otoño, está reanundando su última estapa de formación en los estudios teológicos en la Escuela Jesuita de Teología en Berkeley, CA. Su interes y expeiencia son en la enseñanza de la escuela secundaria (sobre todo con jóvenes de de bajos recursos), el ministerio litúrgico y música Hispana, la música y espiritualidad, bienestar autentico y completo del cuerpo y alma, deportes y autocuidado.