Top misconceptions when working with Hispanic Youth


Over 60 percent of young Catholics, under the age of 18, in the United States are Hispanic and 93 percent of them were born in the United States.  If we want to be effective in our work with young people, we must take these statistics seriously.  "Much of the Catholic experience in the country during the next few decades will be significantly shaped by how the Church reaches out to this last group (Hispanics)."Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes, Hosffman Ospino, PhD


Andrea Vasquez

Andrea Vasquez, former missionary and speaker, has spent most of her life forming and mentoring young people in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines.  She has a B.A. in Educational Development from the University of Anáhuac and has completed B.A.coursework in Religious Sciences from the Pontifical University, Regina Apostolorum, in Rome.