Under the Fig Tree: A Catechesis on the Church's Contemplative Tradition

In the search for serenity and interior peace, people of the West have turned to practices like yoga and zen meditation. Little do we know that Christianity, upon which Western civilization is built, already possesses the prayer and practice that leads to a peace beyond all understanding--contemplation. Contemplative prayer and its practice goes as far back as the patriarchs of the Old Testament, fulfilled in perfection through Jesus Christ, and has been practiced in the Church through the centuries. This workshop will survey the history of contemplative prayer, outline the principles of its practice, and begin to answer the question we pose to God, "How do you know me?" 


Jeremy Mallett

I recently graduated from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology with an MA in Theology. I have been involved with Catechesis since my youth; first as a Catechetical Aide, then Catechist, and now as a Master Catechist. I am currently a Technology teacher and serve in the Adoration ministry at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Fairfield.