Why do I do the things I hate? Understanding the roots of destructive behaviors


In Romans chapter 7 St. Paul talks about the struggle of not doing what we wish and insted doing what we do not wish.  What causes this ?  How come we can go to confessoin over and over for the same sin and often make little or no progress?  This workshop will look at specific schematic of how the brain (thinking patterns) work that sustains the "Romans 7" actions.  This is a basic over view of what sustains destructive patterns ranging from losing ones temper or procrastination to sever addictions.  Specifically addressing alternatives and how to begin a decisive path to becoming dead to these compulsions as Romas 6 suggest all Christians are called to do.  



K. Bryan Kelso

Bryan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and convert to the Catholic faith. I work in private practice from a Catholic world view. I teach how to wield the power of the sacraments toward healing in the therapeutic setting.  I specifically help clients discover how to identify ways to identify and remove psychological impediments that often inadvertently, but effectively block sacramental graces.